Rene Paquette, Owner and Operator of Integrity Awnings located in Vergennes, VT

Rene Paquette

Founder & President

Meet Rene! Rene is our founder and President here at Integrity Awnings. Bringing over 44 years of experience, Rene is undoubtedly the face of the awning business. Fresh out of Middlebury High School, Rene found himself in the shop sewing awnings and slowly making his way to the top over the years. Even at the top, Rene is always the man on the other end of the phone, the one jumping in his truck to come check out the work and the one helping with installations, not to mention he may even be the guy sewing your little slice of paradise!

There is not a part of this business that Rene hasn’t had his hands on. Experience is knowledge, and knowledge is success, but Rene will be the first to tell you there is no success without hours of hard work and integrity every step of the way. Family is everything, and that is what got Integrity Awnings underway. Rene wanted to create a family-oriented business where, no matter the circumstances, family comes first. Missing kids’ and grandkids’ games, races, or shows wasn’t cutting it for this family man. Integrity Awnings allows each and every employee the freedom of never missing important family events. Though quite the businessman, it’s no secret Rene is indeed the life of the party. You can find him on any given summer Sunday, grilling and entertaining not only the family but whoever else wants to stop down and enjoy the pool, the lake, juicy steaks, good music, and the best company. The fun doesn’t stop when the warm weather does. Rene’s pride and joy lie on the mountains of the Middlebury College Snowbowl, where he is still racing every Friday in the Ski Bum league. And he’ll be the first to show you the results every Friday night, typically finishing in the top 3! Aside from family gatherings and skiing, Rene is also an avid outdoorsman and has enjoyed being his three kids, Adam, Aaron, and Haley’s hunting partner for 25 years. He is now excited to carry on this love for the outdoors with his two grandsons, Hunter and Axl, as he teaches them ethical hunting strategies and the importance of “patience pays off.”