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Preserve Your View With a See-Through Mesh Awning

Have an amazing view and worried that an awning might block it? Take a look at this custom drop-arm mesh awning we installed last week which is not only see-through, but it also blocks 90% of the sun, allowing you to stay shaded and cool during the heat of the day. See-through awnings work great in both residential spaces and commercials spaces to provide coverage and comfort, while preserving the scenery around your home or business.

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Maybe a see-through awning isn’t the answer to your outdoor space puzzle. The custom mesh awning above is just one example of the custom awning work we can do. So give us a call at 802-771-5892 or send us an email to get the brainstorming started with a free consultation. We’ll visit your space and apply our 40 years of awning experience to help you design your custom awning.

And not to be forgotten, here’s some more installation work from last week. Who’s ready for the start of summer next week?

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