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New Awning Business Launches Grounded in 40 Years of Experience

With experience since 1981, Rene Paquette is a recognized Awning expert in the northeast. Born and raised in Middlebury, Vermont, Rene Paquette has for 40 years brought a professional level of attention to thousands of residential and commercial projects. Opening his own company, Integrity Awnings, in 2021, Paquette brings together his family expertise to work with businesses and families alike, meeting every awning need. Joining Rene in the family business are son Adam, with fifteen years of installation experience, daughter Heather Paquette Lavalla, with over five years of office management and logistics experience, wife Selena Paquette, as Business Manager, daughter Hannah Paquette as a social media consultant and receptionist, daughter Hayley Ceresoli as a sales representative and son Aaron Paquette as an installation specialist.

As the world has changed, so have awnings to provide the ultimate shade and outdoor space for homes and businesses. Choices from manual to push button and retractable products from companies like Eclipse Awnings and SUnAir Awnings allow Paquette to help homeowners and businesses select the correct product for their needs and goals. In addition, Integrity Awnings installs and services all awnings with attention to detail and a conscientious work ethic. Products are available in an array of solid colors, fabrics, stripes, and patterns to complement any environment or architectural style. In addition to getting outside more and enjoying their homes, awnings are a perfect way to stay home and turn your yard into a little paradise.

About Integrity Awning’s owner, business leader Max Eaton remarked, “ Rene Paquette, a man of integrity, experience and a depth of knowledge. He was an integral member from the beginning of our awning business in 1976 and remained so for many years. “ You will not be disappointed by Rene and his staff. They are top-notch, for real, and are straightforward industry experts. And they will be the go-to resource for original design and quality awning products.” So, reach out to Rene Paquette and his family to see how Integrity Awnings can help you select the right product and install it with care and attention to detail, no matter the size of your job- residential or commercial. Your job will be handled by Rene and a staff that has professional knowledge, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.